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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Earn to Die 4

Earn to Die 4 is a really fun and addicting game you should definely play. As you probably already know, the Earn to die game series is very popular around the world. Millions of people play these games every year.

Different from the other zombie-run em over games, Earn to Die 4 now utilizes 3 cars. The 4 door sedan, the station wagon, and returning from Earn to Die 2012, the muscle car. There are no powerful trucks as before. 

But that doesn’t mean that the game is lacking in numerous zombies to overrun and massacre. As in previous games, you’ll have a lot of zombies to kill and obstacles to smash through.

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Controls remain the same as in all Earn to Die 4 games. Use the directional keys to steer your vehicle. The up key moves the car forward. The down key moves the car back or slows it down. The left key tilts the car upwards, while the down key tilts it downwards. Use these keys to stabilize the car. Keep it balanced and steady all throughout the game, as if it tumbles over, you’ll have to repeat the level. This does not happen frequently however, and more often than not, you’ll be repeating levels because you’ve run out of fuel. When you have the turbo boost upgrade use it with the X key.


The whole game starts with your first car, the 4 door sedan. It’s an average, compact and generally reliable car to start the game with. Reliable to a point at least. As in all Earn to Die games, using the first car will only be able to take you to a point in the game. It will not be able to finish the entire game for you. You’ll have to upgrade the car in various parts to be able to make the most of it.

After you have achieved this, you would have progressed to a fairly far distance in the levels. Here you would again come to a point in the game where you would be stuck, unless you now buy a better vehicle. Repeat the process of upgrading the core parts of your new vehicle and let it take you as far as it can. Then buy the best vehicle in the game (in this case, the returning muscle car) and then upgrade everything again. Repeat this process and you will finish the game in no time at all.
But how do you upgrade the cars? With cash. Each attempt, each time you travel to a point you earn cash. Don’t worry if you don’t earn a lot of cash at first or don’t travel too far because of your car’s limitations. The important thing is you’re moving and earning money. Just keep repeating this process till you earn a significant amount of money. Then before you know it you can purchase the upgrades.


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