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Friday, December 9, 2016

Raft Wars Games

Games have always had a certain difficulty attached to them, which is supposed to be one of the reasons they are so fun. 

If you look at huge mainstream titles today, you’ll probably notice that a lot of the games on offer are supposed to make you feel like an epic warrior, a gritty soldier, or an ingenious tactician. 

A game giving away all its secrets at the first loading screen is a lot like having a cheat sheet during a big test: no challenge and nothing to spur you on. However, if you do feel as if a game is riding you a little too hard, then it’s totally reasonable for you to take a little shortcut, which is why there are Raft Wars.
Raft Wars is a simple game with a fairly simple premise. You are tasked with protecting the treasure your brother found on the beach. Against pirates, Vikings, and an assortment of other treasure seekers, the task can become a handful at times, with a little bit of tactics, you’d do well. If you’re one of the older crowds in gaming, which is kind of doubtful, you might remember an old title called “Worms”. The gameplay in this title is very similar to Worms in that you are limited in ammo but your tactics are very much open. This title brings the whole idea back with a contemporary sheen to it, and while it doesn’t necessarily top Worms, it is still a great game.


Overall, the difficulty is really just a matter of how well you aim your shot, being that you don’t have many options beyond shooting at the other ships. You are also ranked by how accurate you are and how fast you shoot down other enemies. 

One of the key ways to survival is through the smart use of accuracy. During the duration of the game, you aren’t allowed to move any of your units, so you’ll also have to be fast with your shots. Lastly, don’t waste ammo simply because it will be expensive to restock on stuff like rockets and grenades.

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If you find that you are too low on ammo and failure is imminent, don’t you worry about it. Because one simple trick allows you destroy every other ship in the water with no effort on your part. During the game, all you do is type in “Bomb Attack”. Since you might be a little impatient, typing this in will basically destroy every ship besides yours, granting you an instant win with the maximum amount of cash at the end of the level. While this is a bit of a cheap trick, it can be used to pump up your wallet if you want to be extra prepared for the next level. You can also use this as a means to make upgrades on your ship much easier to achieve.
So there you have it, a few hints and one major cheat that you can use to get through the title with relative ease. if you get bored of this game, remember that there are a lot of other titles you can play, it just takes a little effort to find them.


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