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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sushi Cat The Honeymoon

I will not lie to you: I am most certainly, and decidedly unashamedly, a cat person. It is quite possible I’ll grow up to be The Cat Lady. 

As one first begins playing Sushi Cat the Honeymoon they will notice that it is a sunny day and Sushi Cat and his beloved are standing on the backside of a sailing ship that is whisking them away to their honeymoon destination.
You know who she is! The one with, give or take, about 16 cats living with her, crawling all over her. They are her best friends. Honestly, I don’t blame this lady. Cats are awesome!

I feel I should tell you this because perhaps this post is a bit biased– it’s about a cat game. But there’s an important distinction I want to make with this particular cat game. JoeyBetz, the programmer, and Jimp as the artist have collaborated on a genius niche in the feline market: exploiting the unexplored chasms of cat fatness. 

It’s really great- the objective is to eat as much sushi as possible — to “Achieve Full Belly”, and win the girl!

>>>>> Click here to play Friv 10 Flash 

If this at all interests you (that is, mildly obese domestic kitties), then read on after the jump!

If you haven’t noticed already, this is the game’s sequel. This is because I found out about it a while back, and I feel like enough had been said by Bobby on the subject, so you can read on.
This is not plausible… or I suppose probable, in our world. What a strange way to be courted. All in the name of love I suppose!

Unfortunately I can’t embed the flash game in this post, but what I CAN do for you is provide the very exciting links!


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